Long-term Care Mediation Training Objectives and Commentary

 Training Standards Committee of the  Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution Section

 The Training Standards Committee of the Elder Decision-Making section has completed Long-Term Care training objectives, intended as guidance for training mediators to handle disputes related to long-term care.  The Committee gratefully acknowledges the input received from members and professionals in the long-term care field.   The three documents below are intended to be considered as a whole (click on each link):

Elder Care and Elder Family Decision-Making Mediation, Training Objectives and Commentary    (July 30, 2012)

Working with Older Persons in Mediation: Diversity Training Objectives and Commentary   (July 27,2012)

Mediation in the Long-Term Care Setting: Training Objectives and Commentary    (July 27, 2012)

In providing these standards and commentary, the Committee hopes to provide a comprehensive training resource to those who practice in all aspects of the growing field of elder mediation.  We hope these objectives will be used by trainers in creating their trainings and by mediators in choosing elder mediation trainings.

Trainers and trainees can benefit from exploring the impact of their own styles, philosophies, biases and expectations on the mediation.  The committee believes that the most effective way to develop ethical and quality mediator practice to handle these and other issues begins with comprehensive skills training.

Committee members who worked on these Long-term Care Mediation Training Objectives and Commentary are Sue Bronson (WI), Priscilla Cheever (MI),  Resa Eisen (Toronto, Canada), Susan Hartman (MI and Israel), Ellie Crosby Lanier (GA),  Carolyn Rodis (WV), and Erica Wood (Washington, D.C.).



ACR Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution Section Training Committee

Carolyn Rodis, Chair

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