Long-term Care Mediation Training Objectives and Commentary

 Training Standards Committee of the  Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution Section

 The Training Standards Committee of the Elder Decision-Making section has completed Long-Term Care training objectives, intended as guidance for training mediators to handle disputes related to long-term care.  The Committee gratefully acknowledges the input received from members and professionals in the long-term care field.   The three documents below are intended to be considered as a whole (click on each link):

Elder Care and Elder Family Decision-Making Mediation, Training Objectives and Commentary    (July 30, 2012)

Working with Older Persons in Mediation: Diversity Training Objectives and Commentary   (July 27,2012)

Mediation in the Long-Term Care Setting: Training Objectives and Commentary    (July 27, 2012)

In providing these standards and commentary, the Committee hopes to provide a comprehensive training resource to those who practice in all aspects of the growing field of elder mediation.  We hope these objectives will be used by trainers in creating their trainings and by mediators in choosing elder mediation trainings.

Trainers and trainees can benefit from exploring the impact of their own styles, philosophies, biases and expectations on the mediation.  The committee believes that the most effective way to develop ethical and quality mediator practice to handle these and other issues begins with comprehensive skills training.

Committee members who worked on these Long-term Care Mediation Training Objectives and Commentary are Sue Bronson (WI), Priscilla Cheever (MI),  Resa Eisen (Toronto, Canada), Susan Hartman (MI and Israel), Ellie Crosby Lanier (GA),  Carolyn Rodis (WV), and Erica Wood (Washington, D.C.).



ACR Elder Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution Section Training Committee

Carolyn Rodis, Chair

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September 8, 2011: Training Objectives

The Training Standards Committee is pleased to post:

(Click on the title below to access the link.)

Elder Care and Elder Family Decision Making Mediation Training Objectives

Working with Older Persons in Mediation: Diversity Training Objectives


The committee encourages trainers to use these objectives in planning their programs.

Many ACR Members offered comments on the draft objectives after we posted them. The committee carefully considered your suggestions, both oral (through teleseminar on March 28, 2011) and written. We incorporated many of your ideas. The committee members appreciate your input and your commitment to best practices in the training of elder mediators.

The Training Committee is hard at work on long-term care mediation  training objectives.

Our Section’s Communication Committee has created a place on this page and throughout the website in order that you may share your comments and insights as to the best practices in elder mediation training.

Elder mediation in the news: WSJ article

Here is a link to the Wall Street Journal article on elder mediation by Anne Tergesen that appeared on February 5: Family Value: When Families Need Mediators.  Well done to all the Section members who were mentioned in the article!

New York Times blog article on elder mediation

The New York Times blog The New Old Age published an article on elder mediation on October 25: When the Family Needs an Umpire. Kudos to Section member Joy Rosenthal who was featured in the article.

AARP Bulletin article on elder mediation

The AARP Bulletin published an article on elder mediation on September 20: Oh, Brother! With Parents Aging, Squabbling Siblings Turn to Elder Mediation. Well done to the many Section members quoted in the article.

Any info out there about research and evaluation projects?

Section member Michele Lee is working with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland on an evaluation of their elder mediation pilot project. She would be grateful for information about any other research or evaluation projects – large or small, completed or in progress – that could help inform this work. Please email Michele at michele@michelelee.org or look for her at the ACR conference in Chicago next week (Wednesday-Friday).